Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "I was visiting relatives in Phoenix from Indiana when I began experiencing severe back pain. Strong pain medication did not help. Knowing I was in no condition to make the return trip to Indiana, my daughter-in-law located the closest chiropractor. Dr. Cann’s office fit me into a busy schedule. The care /treatment I received was professional & caring. I made the trip back to Indiana 2 days later pain-free!"
    Diana B.
  • "I am new in the area and needed immediate relief from severe low back pain. I don’t like choosing a doctor without a referral but in this case, I had no choice. I specifically chose Dr. Cann’s office because he has a decompression table. After just two visits, I felt 100% better but made one more visit just to be sure. That was a few months ago and I am still feeling great. I felt Dr. Cann was genuinely concerned about my well being and there was absolutely no pressure to keep coming back if it wasn’t necessary. Bonus: He is a really nice person as are his office staff!"
    Shannon L.
  • "I have had a pain in the left side of my back since July and have seen doctors and have been to reflexology, but in one session Dr. Cann improved my situation immensely. Nice people, modern equipment, no sales gimmicks. I will be using them from now on. thanks!"
    Laurence H.
  • "Everyone in your office is genuinely concerned about the patients well being. You are what I look for in a Chiropractor. You treat each patient as an individual and tailor treatment accordingly. Thanks for working with me."
    Christina C.
  • "As a new patient, I felt most welcomed and they all were interested in my concerns and listened to me."
    George B.
  • "After Dr Dallas helped me out with a torn calf muscle a couple of years ago and did a great job without any surgery, I decided to go to him for real bad lower back pain. I barely was able to walk in the office the pain was so bad, after a couple of treatments I was feeling 75% better and now after about 5 treatments it is much better. I have not received the attention or care from another Dr. like I have from Dr Dallas. Great Job!"
    Mark D.
  • "I recently visited Cann Chiropractic for the first time and I was absolutely impressed! The office staff was exceptionally friendly and patient as we worked through ‘locating’ my insurance information. :-) Furthermore, the treatment was wonderful. I experience frequent discomfort and tension in my upper shoulder/neck, as well as in my lower back. The doctor walked me through his recommendation for treatment and explained everything to me thoroughly. After my adjustment I left feeling relief!! I am very thankful to have found a sound chiropractor who is close to my home AND highly skilled."
    Heather G.
  • "Dr. Cann and his staff have helped me solve a myriad of pain issues over my entire body. I have been impressed that not only is Dr. Cann a chiropractor but also has athletic training and injury background which adds to his dimensions as a whole health provider! Thank you Dr. Dallas, Andrea and Kris!"
    Dirk L.
  • "First, I must give props to Kris at the front desk. She’s always been so warm and friendly to me. She’s even been so kind to accomodate the times I’ve needed to bring kids with me. Thank you! I appreciate the way Dr. Dallas really listens to me as I try to describe my problem area. He’s very knowledgable and has been great to educate me about how I can heal my body. Thank you for the great care you provide!"
    Rachael B.
  • "I have been going to Dr. Cann for several months now. I have scoliosis and previous shoulder and neck injuries. I always leave my adjustments feeling much better! When I miss a month my body knows. Dr. Cann takes a lot of time to get to know me and is a great listener, and has gone above the call of duty to keep me as a customer. Also, his front desk staff Chris is wonderful. I have referred this practice to some of my friends at work. Thanks!"
    Bridget W.
  • "I have been back several times to see Dr. Cann because I have been impressed with his ability to listen, relieve pain, and even help me to know how I can better prevent future problems with my neck & shoulder area. My first visit to Dr. Cann was when I woke up one morning in extreme pain and difficulty any time I moved my head up and down or from side to side. Being a mother of little ones, it was almost impossible to hold, carry or tend to their needs. I called the office after getting his name from a few friends, who I knew had therapy regularly, and they sent me to Dr. Cann. I was a little cautious going into him (because of stories I’ve heard about other chiropractors) but knew I couldn’t ride this one out. Once I called, the staff recognized my immediate need to be seen, and made sure it happened. The office was clean, comfortable & yes, even relaxing. I would recommend Dr. Cann’s services to all of my family and friends."
    Heidi L.
  • "I’ve known Dr. Dallas for a number of years and have had him work on my back a number of times. I’ve appreciated his great customer service and the professional way in which he does business. I feel better every time after visiting his office and will go there every time I need chiropractic care. I think you should too!!!"
    Adam J.
  • "A few months ago I met Dr. Cann and decided to see what he could do for my back. I injured it many years ago when I fell and broke my “tail-bone”. After one treatment, I began to feel better with less sciatic pain and less aching in my lower back. After a course of treatments, I could move more easily and stand without having my legs ache. He has also helped my husband with his shoulder and back issues, as well. He has made our lives happier without enduring pain."
    Tammie W.
  • "My chiropractic visits started about 25 years ago in my 20’s. I have seen approximately 50+ Chiropractors over the years. I can honestly say that Dr. Dallas saved my life. I’m sure as you are reading this, you must be saying, “That’s ridiculous!”… This man truly cares about his patients, their health and his purpose. If you are searching for relief, please take a step of faith and call today. In today’s society we find it hard enough to trust. Dr. Dallas can be trusted with your health."
    Diana I.
  • "Let’s start off by saying that I have a bad back (love to trade it in for a new one – but that isn’t going to happen) I have 2 herniated discs in my L4-L5 and L5-S1. I have been going to Dr Dallas for about 3-4yrs and he is AMAZING!!! He takes the time to listen to your problems and looks for a solution. He provides great one-on-one therapy and he isn’t pushy like other Chiropractors I have gone to where they practically make you come in 3 times a week or threaten to say you won’t get better. He will give his suggestion but he lets the Patient make the decision (not the other way around). I have been to quite a few different Chiro’s in my day and have easily picked the best one!!"
    Chad S.


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